Rates & Policies

Listed below, you will find our current rates and policies. If you need additional information please contact our office 304-745-3463.

Payment Due Date

The customer has 30 days to pay the current bill, from the date it was printed and mailed. 

Greater Harrison County PSD will mail the current bill between the 1st and 5th day of each month. The exact day will be printed on said bill.

The LATEST PAY DATE refers to the latest date the customer can pay without a late charge being put on the account.  This covers the 1st 20 days of the payment cycle. The remainder of the 30 days will be covered under the PAYMENT REMINDERS section.


Payments Reminders

On the 21st  day the late fee charges will be added to your account and a Red Shaded Disconnect Notices will be mailed; 10 days later you will be disconnected.  The RED shaded Disconnect post card serves as your disconnect notice.    

On the 31st day (or soon after) Greater Harrison County PSD will complete your disconnect.


Greater Harrison or any agents or employees of Greater Harrison WILL NOT accept payments of any kind at the customer's door in lieu of discontinuing service for either a delinquent water or sewer bill. This is in accordance with WV State Code 16-13A-9(b).

All other procedures for discontinuation will follow PSC Rule 4.8.a.3.A which states the following: When the water or sewer service is being terminated for non-payment of said bill, the two (2) attempts to notify by personal contact shall be made on two (2) seperate business days at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled termination unless it is reasonably established that the premises are not permanently inhabited. The inability to make personal contact shall not prevent the water utility from terminating service.

Adopted by the Board of the Greater Harrison County Public Service
District at its regular meeting on June 15, 2011, to be effective
after August 21, 2011

William Coffindaffer, Chairman
Gerald C. Everett, Treasurer
Mark Leonard, Secretary

Notice of Customer Rights due to Discontinuation of Service

If your service is terminated you may be subject to additional charges involving reconnect fees and deposit requirements in order to restore service.


1.    Any portion of the bill is in dispute
2.    You are being charged for service not received
3.    The information on front is incorrect
4.   You are unable to pay the bill in accordance with the billing, and termination of service would be especially dangerous to the health or safety of a member of your household.
5.    You are able to pay only installments

If the reason for your challenge is 1, 2 or 3 above, you will have to pay any amount not in dispute.  If the reason for your challenge is 4 or 5, we will attempt to negotiate a deferred payment agreement with you.


Contact must be made in person at Greater Harrison County PSD, Highland Dam Road, West Milford, WV  26451.     

Phone: 304-745-3463 Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm(except holidays)

You should also inform us if you are 65 years or older, or regardless of age, if you are physically, mentally, or emotionally incapacitated.

Once you have notified us of your challenge, we will schedule a meeting at our business office and try to resolve your problem.  At your option, the discussion of your challenge may be made over the telephone.  IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH OUR DECISION AT THIS MEETING, YOU WILL HAVE SEVEN DAYS IN WHICH TO FILE A CHALLENGE WITH THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA.  You will be required to pay your current bill while the challenge is pending.  There is no charge associated with filing a challenge and you may do so without the assistance of an attorney.

To file a challenge with the PSC, you may call this toll free telephone number 1-800-344-5113 or write to this address:

        Utility Challenge
        Public Service Commission of West Virginia
        PO Box 812
        Charleston, WV  25323

If you are in need of assistance to pay your bill, you should contact the following agencies:

WV Department of Health
  and Human Resources
633 West Pike Street
PO Box 1877
Clarksburg, WV 26302
Phone: 304-627-2295

Salvation Army
1000 S. Chestnut St
Clarksburg, WV 26301
Phone: 304-622-2360

Information & Referral Services
  of Harrison County
115 South Fourth Street
PO Box 1831
Clarksburg, WV 26302
Phone: 304-623-6681

If you desire the assistance of a lawyer with regard to the scheduled termination and are unable to pay for legal counsel, contact the following low income legal assistance organization:

        Legal Aid
        115 South Fourth Street
        Clarksburg, WV  26301
        Phone:  304-623-6649

Connection / Re-Connection

All requests for Connection or Re-Connection of Service will be complete within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

Pool Filling

The Greater Harrison County Public Service District will adjust sewer accounts once per calendar year for filling of pools, upon completion of the application. Final determination to your qualification for this adjustment will be made after review of application and usage.

In the event that a failure would happen, causing the pool to be filled a second time, proof of said problem must be given for a second adjustment to be considered. Yearly renewal of this application is required.

Adopted by the Board of the Greater Harrison County Public Service
District at its regular meeting on December 17, 2008, to be effective

William Coffindaffer, Chairman
Gerald Everett, Treasurer
Mark Leonard, Secretary


Listed below, please find current fees schedule.
Fee Amount Notes
Preconstruction Tap $100.00 Available before contractor passes premise
Meter Testing


All meters testing good at customers request
Sewer Tap $250.00

Wastewater Tap Fee

Water Tap $500.00 Water Tap Fee
Water Reconnection $30.00 Must be paid before water is turned back on

Wastewater Reconnect                 GHPSD water customers                              

$30.00 Must be paid before water is turned back on                         
Wastewater Reconnect                 OTHER water customers $38.20 Must be paid before water is turned back on
















GHCPSD is currently operating under approved 26 Water tariff and 15 Sewer tariff