Current Projects

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In Progress

The project listed below was complete on November 23, 2015 with the exception of installing electronic read meters.  While Greater Harrison PSD has made great progress, this portion of the project is expected to be complete late spring to early summer 2016.


The Greater Harrison County Public Service District is proposing to make improvements to their existing water distribution system located in Harrison County, West Virginia. These proposed improvements will be constructed to provide additional flows and storage within their existing system.

Funding for this project is being provided by a $4,000,000 loan from the West Virginia USDA Rural Development. The funding is provided for the purpose of engineering, design and construction of necessary water system upgrades and improvements, to better serve the existing customers.

The following is a summary of project improvement plans:

Current status of project: Working with property owners to gain easements and acquisition of property. We only need two more property owners to sign their easement so this project can move to bid and then construction.


Additional water storage tank at Chicken Inn Hill to bring our storage to acceptable levels for the Good Hope and Quiet Dell Systems
Tank replaced at Overlook to eliminate the water loss due to the current tanks condition
Tanks refurbished at Chicken Inn Hill, Kirby Hill, Lewis Acres to improve condition of tank and prolong life of tanks
Replace leaking lines and increase size of lines throughout the water system
Add additional feed from Clarksburg to serve as emergency supply back up option to Lost Creek system
Add a booster station along RT 20 to provide better ability to push water to Quiet Dell system
Addition of master meters to allow better management of water loss within the entire system
Will provide funds to provide all GHCPSD water customers with electronic read meters, to eliminate the aged manual meters
Will provide funds to upgrade our customer billing system