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Phase II/Route 73 Project Update

Phase II/Route 73 is a sewer project that consists of 4 individual contracts provided by multiple contractors.  This project will provide approximately 750 residents with public sewer. 

Contract #1 - Begins at Locust Heights on Rt. 19 and ends at Good Turn Road (near Clarksburg Country Club).  This contract began in early April of 2020. 

Contract #2 - Begins at Greater Harrison Plant in West Milford and ends in Laurel Park.   This contract began on September 6th of 2019. 

Contract #3 - Begins at the Auto Auction on Rt. 73 and ends in the Community of Boothsville.  This contract began on September 6th of 2019 and is approximately 42% complete. 

Contract #4 - Waste Water plant in Boothsville - contract began September 6th 2019 and is approximately 99% complete. 

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