About Us

Greater Harrison County PSD was formed in April of 1999. The water districts, Valley of Good Hope, Lost Creek / Mt. Clare and Quiet Dell were consolidated to form the water side of Greater Harrison. The wastewater side was a consolidation of Grant Union and Mt. Clare Rd. PSD’s


Current Water Infrastructure as of the end of 2015:

Nine (9) water tanks with a storage capacity of 1,709,000 gallons

One hundred and ten Fire Hydrants

One hundred and twenty-five miles of water line

Seven Main Water Booster Stations

Six Secondary Water Booster Stations

Approximately one hundred and twenty-six valves

Approximately three thousand two hundred and ninety-seven Service Taps


Current Wastewater Infrastructure as of the end of 2015:

Class I Wastewater Treatment Facility in West Milford

Eight other Wastewater Treatment Facilities throughout the county

Thirty-nine Lift/Grinder Stations

About One hundred and ninety E-One Grinder Pumps

About sixty- five miles of wastewater line

Total Treatment Capacity .75 MGD


Water Loss Control Plan:

Greater Harrison County Public Service District (GHCPSD) continues to work in reducing overall water loss within our system. GHCPSD believes and communicates to its employees, that repair of any loss component is the ultimate success in reducing operational system cost as well as proactive measurements and investigations.

Greater Harrison has completed upgrades and replacement of select lines in the Overall Water Improvement Project that will minimize GH’s water loss rate. However, continued progress on the Water Loss reduction plan will help GH to lower our loss rate to the target of 20% within the physical year 2015-2016.

The following is a list of items the district currently uses in its efforts to improve water loss:

Leak Detection (Overall Water Improvement & Upgrade Project)

  •         Install leak detection meters
  •         No leak too small ATTITUDE
  •         Investigate EVERY TIME
  •         Master Meter Reading daily (Where applicable)
  •         Notify Customers via tag for high use readings
  •         Monthly Tank Inventory and Inspection
  •         Visual Inspection
  •         Inspection and manage via Telemetry
  •         Record Water Tank Levels Monthly
  •         Step Flow Loss Evaluations
  •         Isolate sections of system while observing DMA meter
  •         Acoustic Leak Detection - Conducted during summer drier months
  •         Line Maintenance
  •         Eliminate multiple patch lines with replacement joints