PEOPLE make the difference.................


Without question, the most important resource at Greater Harrison County PSD are the people
that serve our approximately 6,800 active accounts.

 This page is dedicated to the hard working individuals below that make up the workforce at Greater Harrison and keeps this ever growing district running smooth!

Business Personnel

General Manager Bill Hoover 304-745-3463
Sr. Customer Service Specialist Tina Dye 304-745-3463
Customer Service Representative Brenda Louk 304-745-3463
Customer Service Representative Diane Garvin  

Operations Personnel

Sr. Maintenance Technician Allen Harrouff  
Operator-Class WD Operator James Toothman  
Sr. Maintenance Technician, Equipment Operator Scott Harris  
Maintenance Technician Eric Maxwell  
Maintenance Technician Danny Mullins  
Chief Water Operator Matt Evans  
Technician Tom Reaser  
Technician Nathan Lough  
Water Technician Julia Childers