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The USDA Rural Development, Rural Utilities Service, has received an application for federal assistance from Greater Harrison County Public Service District. The purpose of this notice is to inform the public of the proposed sewer project. The Greater Harrison County PSD plans to construct sanitary sewer extensions in the Clarksburg Country Club area, the Laurel Park area and a new sewer system including a 100,000 GPD Waste Water Treatment Plant along Route 73 in Northern Harrison County. The sewer project will take place throughout these areas in urban residential areas, and rural residential areas. The project will provide service to approximately 747 additional customers throughout the county and will eliminate several failing private sewage systems.


This notice is also to inform the public of a public meeting to be held on September 25, 2014

at 7:00 p.m., in the West Milford Community Center. The Purpose of the meeting is to provide an opportunity to become acquainted with the proposed sewer project and to comment on economic and environmental impacts, service area, or alternatives to the project.


For further information regarding the proposed project, please contact the Greater Harrison County Public Service District, Crystal Brady, Office Manager, 304-745-3134, the Thrasher Group, Inc., Clay P. Riley, Professional Engineer, 304-624-4108, or the USDA Rural Development office at (304) 636-2158, Joseph D. Crickenberger, Rural Development Specialist.

Scheduled Water Outage

There are no scheduled water outages at this time.

Boil Water Advisory

Greater Harrison PDS does not have any boil water advisories at this time. 

Sewer Rate Increase

Currently GHCPSD has petitioned the West Virginia Public Service Commission to increase our sewer tariff in the amount of 29%.

GH has notified all of its customers via mail of the petition and will answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call our office between the hours of 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM and one of our staff members will discuss in more detail.

A stipulation has been negotiated with the Public Service Commission pending signed approval. On May 22, 2014 ALJ ruled that a 13.26% increase is granted to GH. As of June 2014 the PSC ALJ issued final ruling and set rate increase. All GH sewer customers will see their rates increased in your July usage.

Inclement Weather Delays

Due to the inclement weather, many of our manual meters were estimated for billing. In sub-zero temps opening the meter well may cause freezing damage to meters and lines. Additionally with all the snow coverage, many meter wells are difficult to locate.

We appreciate your patience! Come on SPRING!

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