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Agenda for Nov 19, 2014

“Meeting held in Town of West Milford Council Chambers”


November 19, 2014

9:00 a.m. Board Meeting Convenes
9:05 a.m. Call for approval of minutes for 9/17/2014 and Special meeting 9/25/2014 and Special meeting 11/6/2014
9:15 a.m. Public comment period

A. Richard Barnett (Earthtec)
1. Package Plant Report
2. Sewer Plant Report
3. Stratford
4. Administrative Orders

B. Clay Riley and/or Kylea DeMarco (Thrasher)
Water Project
1. General Water Project Update
2. Votes if needed
Phase II/Route 73
1. Phase II/ Route 73 (votes if needed)
2. General update

C. Zack Dobbins (Accountant)
1. Water and Sewer Check Register
2. Update on water and sewer projects
3. Open Bids for Software/vote/award

D. Billy Childers (Interim General Manager) and/ or Crystal Brady (Office Manager)
1. Water Loss Report
2. Water leak Report (LC-7) (VGH-3) (QD-2)
3. General Update
4. Vote on Electrical Contract
5. Further discussion a new roof for the main building
6. Unit 7 up for Bid/vote
7. Raccoon Run Extension
8. Discussion and/or vote concerning employee

E. Tom Michaels
1. Update on Hickory View Apartments (Woodcrest).
2. Vote on Hickory View Apartments (Woodcrest)
3. Update on Mark Osborne/vote if needed
4. Review, Discuss and Consider Candidates for Position of General Manager
o Part of Discussion may be in executive session per WV Code 6-9a-4(2)(A)
5. Vote on General Manager
6. Discuss and/or Vote for Attorney
7. Election of Officers for calendar year 2014

Adjournment to Follow
Agenda for Dec 3 2014


DECEMBER 3, 2014
10:00 AM

1. To consider and act upon a proposed Rules of Procedure Resolution.

2. To consider and act upon a proposed Bond Resolution providing for the issuance of its Water Revenue Bonds, Series 2014 A (the “Bonds”). The proceeds of the Bonds will be used (i) to pay the costs of acquisition and construction of certain extensions, additions, betterments and improvements to the existing waterworks system of the Issuer; and (ii) to pay certain costs of issuance of the Bonds. The Bonds are payable solely from revenues to be derived from the ownership and operation of the system of the District.

3. To consider a Draw Resolution for the payment of invoices from the Bonds.

4. To consider a Sweep Resolution pertaining to the automatic payment of bonds to the Municipal Bond Commission.

5. To consider and act on USDA forms relating to the USDA grant to be used to fund a portion of the Project.
Scheduled Water Outage

There are no scheduled water outages at this time.

Sewer Rate Increase

Currently GHCPSD has petitioned the West Virginia Public Service Commission to increase our sewer tariff in the amount of 29%.

GH has notified all of its customers via mail of the petition and will answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call our office between the hours of 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM and one of our staff members will discuss in more detail.

A stipulation has been negotiated with the Public Service Commission pending signed approval. On May 22, 2014 ALJ ruled that a 13.26% increase is granted to GH. As of June 2014 the PSC ALJ issued final ruling and set rate increase. All GH sewer customers will see their rates increased in your July usage.

Inclement Weather Delays

Due to the inclement weather, many of our manual meters were estimated for billing. In sub-zero temps opening the meter well may cause freezing damage to meters and lines. Additionally with all the snow coverage, many meter wells are difficult to locate.

We appreciate your patience! Come on SPRING!

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