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News From The Watering Hole - Jump Right In

With the temperature already in the triple digits, which flowering plants will survive our Texas heat & conserve on water?  Jimmy Turner, the senior director of Gardens at the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens has 3 proven winners!

Rudbeckia "Denver Daisy"

"Denver Daisy" has masses of reddish ringed golden flowers having a delicious looking chocolate brown center. It's a knockout with huge 4-6 inch golden blooms that cover attractive deep green foliage. The long-lasting golden dark eyed blooms proved their ability to stand up under extreme weather conditions. This popular flower guarantees fantastic summer-long bloom power throughout the country in gardens, mixed containers and landscapes. This variety was created and named in honor of Denver's 150th anniversary!


Echinacea  “Prairie Splendor”

Create a show-stopper display with these large and abundant flowers that bloom non-stop from early summer well into the fall. "Prairie Splendor™" is a stunning first year flowering perennial that will add years of enjoyment to a sunny perennial border. They have an abundance of large 3-3 1/2” soft rosy purple blooms. Butterflies will also be attracted to this long lasting 24-inch tall beauty that begins flowering in June and continues blooming until first frost. Spent blooms, if left on the plant, provide winter food for birds.

Ornamental Pepper "Purple Flash"

Unique and exotic looking Purple Flash enhances mixed containers and in-ground plantings with striking color. Its layered leaves are almost black with “flashes” of bright purple, topped with small, round, glossy black pepper fruits (too hot to eat!). Purple Flash offers great drought tolerance, taking sizzling summer conditions in stride. You will definitely want to include this 12-inch tall ornamental in your sunny garden and containers.

Remember to mulch your flower beds after planting.   Mulching helps prevent weeds, keeps the soil cooler in the heat of the summer and most importantly allows for better water retention which means conserving our precious water! Happy Gardening!